Is \(\pi\) normal in base 27?

Consider the expansion of \(\pi\) with \(148 \,000 \,000\) digits in base \(27\) that we present.

We can generalize the considerations made in the decimal base to test the regularity of the distribution of digits of \(\pi\) on this basis.

It follows, that the number of times that, in this expansion in base \(27\), is reasonable to expect a certain pattern of \(5\) character is given by \[C(n)=\frac{1.48\times10^{8}}{27^{5}}\approx10.\]

To search for a name with \(6\) characters, it should be \[C(n)=\frac{1.48\times10^{8}}{27^{6}}\approx0.4.\]

Good luck.