This page gives some information that may be of help in problems when browsing the pages in the new format.


Problems navigating Atractor website pages on iPhones and iPads

Please refer to the page on this topic.


Problems with applets and CDFs

Please refer to the page on this topic.


Page resizing

The dimensions used in presenting each page depend on the widths of the screen and of the browser window. A change in the latter will only change the dimensions if the page is reloaded.


Reformatting pages

Except for top pages (like this one, having a heading with red background), each page has a button at the upper right that changes the size of its body and adjusts the side bar at the left.



Any page having translations in other languages has links to them that appear as national flags above the side bar at the left. The flag corresponds to the language in the target page.


Flags are also used in an index page in a certain language when referring to a page for which there is presently no translation in that language. The flags link to the existing versions of the page in other languages.


Classification of pages in categories

Please refer to the page on this topic.


Implementation and credits

  • The pages use JavaScript that must be enabled; to do that please follow these instructions in your browser and reload the page
  • Mathematical formulas are presented by using MathJax™ so that there may be delays in loading and rendering some pages; for compatibility issues see this page and this FAQ. MathJax™ is used under an Apache, version 2, license January 2004: Copyright (c) 2009-2015 The MathJax Consortium
  • In some cases a program to break words on line boundaries is used: Hyphenator 4.3.0. Used under a GNU LGPL version 3 or later license: Copyright (C) 2014 Mathias Nater, Zürich (mathiasnater at gmail dot com)
  • The style files (CSSs) were developed starting from the file default.css of the FlowerClusters 1.0 template distributed by Free CSS Templates under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, June 2013
  • Some pages use the Three.js 3D Javascript library. Used under The MIT License: Copyright © 2010-2017 three.js authors
  • The following type fonts are used: for icons, Font Awesome 4, by Dave Gandy, under the SIL Open Font License (OFL), and, in stereo TV 3D pages, Font Germano, under an Apache, version 2 license: Copyright (c) 2011-12 Google, (c) 2016 Cristiano Sobral.