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Phone   222 008 258


Associação Atractor
Rua de Ceuta nº 118, 5º, Sala 39
4050-190 Porto

Access to Atractor's facilities:

Remark: In the access to Atractor's facilities, there is sometimes a problem, resulting from the idea that Ceuta Street ends at the traffic lights, at the intersection with José Falcão Street. In fact, that's where the open part to the car traffic ends, but the street continues (narrower) to a small stretch of stairs, open only to pedestrians. It's in this part of the street that the entrance (number 118) to Atractor's building is located (on the corner).
Atractor occupies room 39 (and 37) on the 5th floor. The exhibition Symmetry, playing with mirrors occupies room 35.
See a scheme of the surrounding facilities, an aerial photo with an older appearance (from Google) and photos taken from the street, in January 2017, with works next to the building.

Aerial photo

Photo from the street