Journey into the interior of \(\pi\) with \(2\,147\,483\,000\) digits

Try it

Choose a sequence of digits, a familiar number. For example a date in the form DDMMAAAA, a phone number, an ID number, ...

Can you find the selected sequence inside \(\pi\)?

Write the number on the computer form and begin your journey into the interior of \(\pi\).

What happened

The search is done by the computer in the first \(2\,147\,483\,000\) digits of \(\pi\), and there is a strong probability that you will find the number you chose on your journey, if it has no more than nine digits.

If it was found, you are invited to produce and print a postcard, which will be the "souvenir" of your trip. In this postcard, you may register the position in which the number was found, as well as your name, an expression alluding to the number you sought and this number surrounded by a crowd of digits representing its neighborhood inside \(\pi\).

Your name in \(\pi\) with \(148\,000\,000\) letters

Try it

Choose a sequence of letters, a word, a name that has no more than six characters.
Does the chosen word exists inside \(\pi\) in base \(27\)?

Use the computer to assist in this search. Start the research process here.

Follow the link to know what it means to represent \(\pi\) in base \(27\).

What happened

As in the previous case, if the name you have chosen does not have more than five letters there is a good chance of being found. With six letters it will be a little more difficult but not impossible.
Try your luck with a name with more than six letters.

Translated for Atractor by a CMUC team, from its original version in Portuguese. Atractor is grateful for this cooperation.

(*) Carlos Magno, October 2000
Version of 2015, adapted from the supporting pages (for now, only in Portuguese) of the exhibition Maths Alive, organized by Atractor

Difficulty level: Upper Secondary, University