Remark: These materials were initially developed in the scope of the mini-course The math of the tides. The mini-course was held on the 14th July of 2017, at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, in the scope of the Meeting SPM (Portuguese Mathematical Society) Summer School and the 10th edition of Mat-Oeste, meeting with the theme Mathematics of the Sea.

Presentation The mathematics of tides

Remark: In the file, there are several cdf files which should be used with the free CDF player. (If you don't have it installed on your computer, you must download it from the Wolfram site and install it in advance). After downloading and unzipping the file, run the ini.cdf file, choose the language, the screen resolution and the operating system you are using (see image). After reading the instructions, click on righ.

If your computer doesn't automatically open the .cdf files with the CDF Player, you will need to pass this information to the computer. To do so, if you are using MAC, click the ini.cdf file with the right mouse button and then click "Informations". In the "Informations" window, click on "Open with ..." and choose "Wolfram CDF Player". Finally, click on "Change all ..." so that all CDF files run with the Wolfram CDF Player.

Alternatively (not recommended if you are using Windows Internet Explorer), you can execute the ini.cdf file directly and follow the instructions above. This alternative should only be used by who wants to get an idea of the program without going into detail.

In the presentation, there is a reference to the possibility of accessing one of the applications in stereo mode (if you have a monitor or a 3D TV). To do so, click pLestrut_ste.cdf. You can find more information about stereoscopy here (for now, only in Portuguese).

Atractor would be grateful for information about any problems or doubts which may arise.

In Windows, the current version of CDF Player has caused some problems in computers with low performance (i5) (the Math Tides program was created with version 11.1 of Mathematica). To avoid problems with the current version (11.1) of the Player, you can use an earlier version of CDF Player - number 11.0.

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Translated for Atractor by Gabriela Chaves, from its original version in Portuguese. Atractor is grateful for her cooperation.

(*) Difficulty level: Upper Secondary, University