Editions of this sculpture can be seen at the Isaac Newton
, Cambridge University; The Aspen Institute,
Colorado, USA; and The Fields Institute,
Toronto, Canada.



"Genetic Vision"

I have already spoken of my earlier sculpture CREATION and how I used the Borromean Rings. A full explanation of the Borromean Rings can be found in the Mathematical Section of these pages.

For me this sculpture represents a knotted core of stability within the centre of knowledge, from which comes sparks of originality and invention, often for no apparent reason. We call these sparks INTUITION. The sparks shoot in all directions, but come from the core of experience. Many viewers of these pages will have seen the film 2001, and will remember the opening scenes! INTUITION plays a major part in the creative progress of our species, and will probably be the saviour of our civilisation in the future.

Some time after I had finished the sculpture, I had a letter from Dr Peter Cromwell enclosing a photograph of a 9th century Scandinavian RunesStone, showing the 'Star of Wotan'. It is a version of my sculpture!

Isaac Newton's intuition changed the world, so for my INTUITION to be at the entrance of the Institution in Cambridge that is named after him is an unbelievable honour.

It is also a great pleasure that a copy of INTUITION has been donated by Damon de Laszlo and Robert Hefner III to the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, to honour Professor H.S.M. Coxeter's 90th birthday on February 9, 1997. When I met him for discussions of this in 1996, he told me of an amazing arrangement of spheres, and this led to a new sculpture FIRMAMENT.

Perhaps some day INTUITION will house a Mathematics Pantheon, as has been envisaged by the structural engineers Ove Arup.

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