Edition Limitée was created by a worldwide group of people who believe in the Symbolic Sculptures, and in order to provide the finance, necessitated by the economics of bronze casting, to make John's creations come to fruition.

One of the striking features of John's work is its reflection, through an artist's emotions and imagination, of the understanding of the Universe, and of man's place in it, found through the discoveries of science and archaelogy. Another is his personal discovery and realisation of some striking mathematical forms and structures.

Edition Limitée is therefore especially pleased to join with the Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics of the School of Mathematics, University of Wales, Bangor, in supporting this venture of presenting John's work. In this way many throughout the world will be able quickly to view John's original, sublime and thought provoking Sculptures and Tapestries, and to understand his appreciation of some common well-springs of art, science and mathematics.

As Professor Thomas Gold has pointed out in a letter to John:
"Symbolism touches ancient chords that go back far into Evolution, and yet still manifests itself in today's thoughts, interactions and aspirations".

We hope that you, the Viewers, will agree.

c/o Mrs Anna Coyle,
Trusco Management Services SA,
PO Box 1827,
1227 Carouge-Geneva, Switzerland.
FAX NO: 41.22.342.0585

Appointments to see the Sculptures and Tapestries at John Robinson's Studio can be made by mail to JOHN ROBINSON, FREELAND GALLERY, Agecroft, Galhampton, Yeovil, Somerset BA22 7AP, U.K. or by faxing 01963-440178