Ronnie Brown and John Robinson discussing
knots at his studio



"Passing on the Torch of Life"

"Soon after my mother's death, our eldest son's wife was expecting a baby. Instead of being the middle generation, I became the older one, and a grandfather. I began to think of doing a sculpture that would capture the passing on of the precious flame of existence.

Experimenting with a piece of copper tubing soon led me to a trefoil knot. Here were my three generations expressed as loops. How could I make the surface move through time and become infinite ?

The answer came to me in the form of match boxes. I purchasd 100, and stuck them together in threes, along their strike sides. I then threw away the draws and the matches. I made a three foot high trefoil knot out of one inch pipe, leaving a gate, onto which I could thread the middle match box cover. Low and behold, with a little twisting in the right places, a Möbius band formed around the trefoil.

I believe that IMMORTALITY is made up of one's memories of the past and the memories one leaves behind. I see this Symbolic Sculpture not only as a continuous journey through generations, but also the scroll on which is recorded the memories of each generation."

John Robinson

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