Robert Hefner III Collection, Aspen


HEIGHT 12x12FT (4x4M)

"For some time before doing this sculpture, I had been intrigued by the Borromean Rings. The History of the Rings is probably lost in the past, but we do find them in Italy where they were used as a symbol of the Christian Trinity. They are also the Crest of the Borromeo family, who for years have lived on a tiny island in the Italian Lake of Maggiore, which is why they are called the Borromean Rings.

The Rings cannot be reproduced 3-Dimensionally, however when playing with square cardboard frames, I discovered they could be formed into a sculpture. I called the sculpture CREATION because it reminded me of a diatom cell, the tiny creatures that fill our oceans, and produced the oxygen that makes life on the planet possible."

John Robinson

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