Cara Quinton (Production)

I obtained a class 2(i) Honours Degree in Mathematics at the University of Wales, Bangor in June 1996. My special topics were `Group Theory', `Automata and Languages', `Combinatorics', `Knot Theory', `Operational Research', and `Optimisation', and a Mathematics in Context Project on "Putting GCSE educational software on the world wide web".

Because of this experience with the project, I was contracted to produce these pages on Symbolic Sculptures and Mathematics by Edition Limitee and the School of Mathematics, University of Wales, Bangor in the summer of 1996, and the work continued over about four full time months into January, 1997. The second part of the work on the Mathematics and Knots pages was supported by the London Mathematical Society and the Philip Trust.

As a result of the background in some OR and the experience on working on this site, I have been appointed Web Developer of the Live OR site of the Operational Research Society.

Cara Quinton

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