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Important note: There are different versions of the Braille characters and this translator is for the Portuguese version: Braille in the remaining means Portuguese Braille

How to translate text to Braille

Input text: text that may have special denotations for symbols, in particular those used in Mathematics.

Documentation on how to prepare the input:

How to produce an image or text in the font Braille29 from a list of Braille characters

Input text: a list of Braille characters given by their dots, as it is output by the translator; see this description. This is useful when one wants to correct or complete what the translator produced.

Formats of the result

Check the details.

Using the interface

  1. Choose between translating a text to Braille, or processing a list of Braille characters.
  2. Type the text or list in the text box, or submit a file.
  3. Select one of the result formats: a PDF image, a list of Braille characters, or a text coded for the Braille29 font.
  4. Select wheter you want the Braille lines to be completed by blanks at the end to always have 28 characters.
  5. If you want a list of Braille characters, you may choose between parentheses, square brackets or braces to enclose the sequence of dots of each character.
  6. In the same case, you may also indicate whether you want the translator to add comments that explain what each sequence stands for.
  7. Click on the Translate button.

(*) Directions written by Miguel Filgueiras in the scope of the MATINV project.