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The new version of GeCla includes a version - GeCla mini - for children. To see images of GeCla Mini, click here.

GeCla is a program (for Mac and Windows), which requires previous installation of Atractor’s DVD

  1. What is Gecla?
  2. Latest version - 0.93.5 - of Gecla: for Windows click here, for Mac click here (the Mac version of the installer has been tested successfully in version 10.6.8 of the operating system. But some problems were reported with the installation on Macs with version 10.5.8: i) double clicking the installer sometimes does not activate it, and ii) there is an icon that does not appear. While these problems are not solved, proceed as follows: double click the installer icon's name or view the folder with option “list” and double click the name of the installer).
  3. Instructions: for installing/updating GeCla and about the competition mode.

  4. Languages presently supported: nivel 1 nivel 1 nivel 1 nivel 1 nivel 1
    Soon: nivel 1        
  5. About earlier versions, see history.
  6. By clicking on one of the icons below, you have access to several images which you can classify with GeCla.

nivel 1


Some friezes :

Pink stamps:

All friezes:


Complete thematic collections (patterns, friezes and rosettes)




Cherry's stems:

Nine years old child:



Simmetry exhibition :

"L" letter :