nivel 1GeCla Program

The new version of GeCla includes a version - GeCla mini - for children. To see images of GeCla Mini, click here.

GeCla is a program (for Mac and Windows), which requires previous installation of Atractor’s DVD

  1. What is Gecla?
  2. Latest version - 0.93.5 - of Gecla: for Windowsnivel 1, for Mac nivel 1 (the Mac version of the installer has been tested successfully in version 10.6.8 of the operating system. But some problems were reported with the installation on Macs with version 10.5.8: i) double clicking the installer sometimes does not activate it, and ii) there is an icon that does not appear. While these problems are not solved, proceed as follows: double click the installer icon's name or view the folder with option “list” and double click the name of the installer).
  3. Instructions: for installing/updating GeCla and about the competition mode.

  4. Languages presently supported: nivel 1 nivel 1 nivel 1 nivel 1 nivel 1
    Soon: nivel 1        
  5. About earlier versions, see history.
  6. By clicking on one of the icons below, you have access to several images which you can classify with GeCla.

nivel 1


Some friezes :

Pink stamps:

All friezes:


Complete thematic collections (patterns, friezes and rosettes)




Cherry's stems:

Nine years old child:



Simmetry exhibition :

"L" letter :